jueves, 25 de octubre de 2007

For you

Well, I am lost again
In my madness, in my darkness
Again, I am like a fool
That can´t control herself
In her empty room

Yes, now you know that I’m not perfect
Do you feel disappointment? Do you feel deception?
Do you really care about me?
Cause baby I’m dying

Sometimes I can`t stop crying
That makes me crazy?
I just thought that you would be there for me always…
I thought that is what love is
But I’m just a fool

And I still thinking that love change people
I still thinking that someday you will do it for me
That’s me a big fool

But I love you like no one ever will love somebody
And I can do it for you, because that’s what love is
I can do it for you, I will do it for you
To cry alone, in my empty room
Where no one can hear me
Till my tears dry in my eyes

I can do it for you
To turn my heart in to a stone
To lie until the lies come true
To lay myself down

I will give you all that I am
To change me in a person that you can love
I can do it for you

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